Time for Your Self Reiki Practice

Reiki Clock

Time passes whether you’re working hard or having fun. I’ve been doing a lot of both over the past few weeks at my little shop at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. While it’s been wonderful being outdoors during the beautiful weekend weather we’ve been having, it has disrupted my regular meditation schedule. So now I’m catching time whenever I can to meditate and give myself reiki treatments. Mornings in the booth on weekends before the crowds come in have been one of my sneak-it-in times, as have afternoons at home when it’s quiet and the kitties are sleeping.

Sometimes during a busy day I’ll find myself becoming anxious, and a quick reiki to my torso while I recite the Five Precepts in my mind will bring me back into balance. Worries that come up are eliminated by sending the first two reiki symbols to the situation. Still, once the festival run is over, I’m going to schedule a good long Reiki session for myself with one of my practitioner friends.

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