Expanding Your Intention

Today I was reading some more in The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and this quote is what really jumped out at me:

“Open up to receiving the assistance you desire…Trust in intention. It exists for you. Stay alert and be willing to accept any guidance that comes your way. Stay in vibrational harmony with the all-providing Source.”

So I began the day with blessing the doorways of the house with Reiki, so all who enter in will receive a touch of that healing energy, including me. This was my second day in a row of doing this, and I really noticed that I could feel the charge in the air this time. It’s also time for me to look at what the major energy of the day is. Thursday is influenced by the planet Jupiter, which brings expansion to all things. What do I want to expand today? How about my Yoga practice, which never really got off the ground the way it should have. So I will be doing that shortly.

Thursday Sprite Journal

As I look at my Thursday Sprite Journal above, the words below say to Expand the Light Within, so I will incorporate that with all that I am doing today. It all came so easily a year ago, and I’ve realized I’ve drifted away from my alignment with intention, so now I’m doing things to bring myself back to center. There is a letting go of the ego that happens as a result of connecting to the Source. Getting on that wavelength, and staying there, is a priority for me.

In just a few days I will be celebrating One Year as a Reiki Person. There have been some profound changes in some areas of my life, but other areas are in need of change and bringing into balance still. The time has come to face the monsters in the closet of my mind, and I think I may discover that they are much smaller and easily squashed than they want me to believe. As I continue to expand the light within, the dirty socks in the corner will have to be picked up and washed, the cobwebs cleared, and anything else in my psychic attic that is no longer of use will be discarded or burned up in that light.

There’s a lot of clutter that has accumulated around the house too, and I think it’s a reflection of inner clutter. Spring begins in just a couple of weeks, so it looks like it’s time to start with the Spring cleaning too. The energy cannot flow in a cluttered house, and I want the energy to keep on flowing. My dream of having a Reiki Home depends on it.

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