End of Weekend Blues

The weekend is over, and an impending cold has passed by without fully catching hold. Between the tea, vitamins, and AirBourne meds I’ve been taking I’ve avoided the yucky cough that has settled in my husband. I set up a Reiki Shower over my bed to send healing energy to us all night long, and I’ll set up a stronger one tonight so my poor boy can get all better. Due in part to the extra sleep I allowed myself due to the scratchy throat I had on Friday, not much was accomplished by me this weekend. Sometimes you just need slow down and snuggle with the cats though, and this was one of those times.

I have been busy updating art images at my new online print gallery full of my fantasy art. There are fifteen images added so far, and I hope to get nine more done before the end of the month. There is also work that I need to do for the Reiki Artist Store, as I need a new design and to send out the October Newsletter…terribly late I know. An artist’s work is never done!

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  1. Snuggling with husbands and cats (and a dog!) is always good for what ails you. My husband fell at work and badly bruised his ribs, so I think I will set the reiki shower for tonight (thanks for the reminder).

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