Jazzing it up with Friday Night Reiki

Close up of Apple Tree

Well I finally did it, I managed to show up to Friday Night Reiki at Eye of Horus and I actually stayed and did Reiki from 6:30-9:00.  It was a good night, fun but not overly boisterous, with Maggie, Amanda, Murphy and myself giving Reiki. The night started with a pair of clients, a husband and wife who had never had Reiki. Amanda did a brief intro to explain about Rei and Ki and how they come together to make Reiki. The way she described it was different from what I’d heard before. She described Rei as the intelligent healing source, and that Ki meant energy. Reiki is Rei working via Ki, and it goes where it needs to go. It was a wonderful and simple explanation of how the energy works.


We started with the lady, and talked about our various experiences with Reiki. The energy was great, with four Reiki Masters working at once it’s always energetic! The husband, Calvin, had some questions which is always fun, so we talked while his lovely wife relaxed and received Reiki. Then when it was his turn, it was a little quieter.


As I sit here in my Reiki studio writing this I’m listening to the coolest radio station in town, Jazz 88, and they’re having their pledge drive at the moment. Independent Public Radio is the best, and I’m happy to listen to my heart’s content, I rarely listen to anything else. I’ve just given a donation, and I’m bringing this up because Calvin who was our Reiki client tonight hosts tonight’s show. They were just talking about his Reiki session on the air and how mellow Calvin is tonight, which is one of the best benefits of Reiki, so I felt it would be fair to mention it here in the blog. They just mentioned me on the air “Beth the Reiki Master” thanking me for my pledge, so that was super cool.


That’s one of the things that I love is meeting all the interesting people who come to Reiki, it’s really fun. The evening ended with a Reiki share among us four Reiki masters, first was Murphy, who had taken a tumble earlier this week, banging her head and twisting her ankle. We spent a good amount of time working on her shoulders as well, the end of the work week is a great time to let go of that stress that builds up there for many of us. Then my turn came and I melted into the table, since I was the fourth person on it it was full of all kinds of energy. Amanda got a turn next, and we finished up with our Master Teacher Maggie.


The saying goes: An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away. Reiki every day helps with that too. The picture at the top of this entry is of the apple tree in my front yard. We’ve named our little home Applewood Cottage. Well the apples are kind of on the small side, and they’ve got a bit more ripening to do, but I might be learning a few things about apples, and learning different ways of preserving them and cooking them. I’ll be altering the recipe a bit, just a touch of Reiki.

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  1. Reiki is a beautiful thing with its power to soothe anger and emotional pain.

    I’m sure many souls find this site helpful +_+

    Pleasant design!

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