Take Two Hands and Call Me in the Morning

That is the prescription for a Reiki Master with a cold. Of course I need to add orange juice, some vitamins and Nyquil at bed time…after I give myself Reiki. As you might guess, I have gone and caught myself another cold. Note to self, do not kiss husband when he is sick. Now that the weekend is almost here, I have the opportunity for more sleep and a chance to get all better. I’ve warned the folks at Eye of Horus that I may not be up to this Sunday’s Reiki gig. Last night I set up the Reiki Table here at Applewood Cottage, and I had a good long session with the help of Caruso, my ever loving Reiki Cat. He curled up on me and kneeded my collarbone, helping me to send Reiki to my upper respiratory area which needed it so badly last night.

I used to think attuning your pets was silly until I was h0me sick one day needing a little extra Reiki and the cat came to snuggle with me. That was pretty much it with him, and one of his favorite spots to snooze is the Reiki table. Between the two hands and four paws giving me Reiki last night, my cough has started to diminish and the nose has started to run. That means the cold is moving in the right direction and not settling into my chest. A few more days of Reiki treatments, orange juice, Nyquil and lost of rest and I’ll be as good as new.


Speaking of new, now that February is almost here I’ve got a brand new design in honor of that special holiday for lovers. This one has a bit of a gothic flair to it, it’s called “Say you Love me

Love happens in the dark
Love happens in the dark

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