This coming Sunday we have scheduled a Reiki I Workshop. Right now I have two students with room for a couple more. As a Reiki enthusiast, I have subscribed to a number of E-Newsletters, and I got one in the inbox today that really spoke to my heart. It reminded me that no matter what, Reiki will be a wonderful guide to me as a teacher. This is my first solo class since completing my apprenticeship with Maggie Sterba, so I’m very excited but a little nervous as well, since there will be nobody else there to give me guidance or help to answer questions.

So it was fortunate for me to get that little pep-talk in my inbox at just the right time. It’s like that when you work with Reiki on a regular basis, good things just come to you to meet your needs. I have a saying that I tell myself to invite such things into my life, “All good things are coming to me today, all good things are coming my way.” Today that saying is very true to me, and I think if I say it more often, it will be true more often. Another way to say it is the word Serendipity which means:

“the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

This was certainly the case in this instance. I have my to-do list in my head to prepare for the class. The Reiki Manuals that I ordered have arrived safe and sound, and the certificates have been designed and printed. The email message was just a great big bonus message from the Universe that I’m on the right path and that it’s going well. It’s nice to have that assurance from time to time. So I have to say Thank You to the Universe and all other Reiki Masters for all that they do to inspire me continually.

Thank You. 🙂

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