Starting Fresh

AsiaticLillies Today is a day of changes here at Just as the beautiful flowers pictured only bloom for a season, so it is with website design. The site had grown to a point that it was getting hard for people to find their way around, and we had a separate design for the blog. While I really loved the way it looked, my blog spoiled me when it came to updating content and making changes on the fly. So we’ve decided to integrate our blog into the website, and the website into the blog.

As a Reiki Master Teacher,  I really wanted to make learning more about Reiki fun and easy. My hope is that with this new design we will have accomplished just that. Now I just have to go through my blogroll and find all the people who were linked into the old site and let them know how to find all the blog articles. There still here, two-plus years of blogging did not go to waste, you can access them undet the Categories or the Archives, however you like to read your blogs.

Now here we are with a completely new look! There are three main reasons we decided to make this change:

  1. To make it easier to update the website over all, keeping it full of fresh Reiki goodness
  2. To take full advantage of the blog Search feature so users like you can find exactly what they’re looking for
  3. To allow more interactivity with the comment feature, so you can get the most out of your visit.

What a great way to start the last month of summer! Don’t forget to leave your comment, and happy trails on your Reiki Adventures!!

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