Reiki Precept 1 – Do Not Worry

Just for today, do not worry

I’ve always been a worrier, and it adds stress to my life that I don’t want to carry around. That’s a wonderful precept, but how do I stop exactly? It depends on the worry, but sometimes you can just do something about it. Worry is a habit and habits can change! My daily meditations and Reiki self-treatments have helped a great deal as well. Sometimes worries hit me in the middle of the day, so I look at them and take action in some way.

First I ask myself if I can do something about it right now, and then I do it. One of my affirmations that I do says “I have all the money and resources I need” and believe me, money is a major worry point with me. So due to my affirmation, I take action, put some art for sale on eBay, take the change jar to the bank, or make a phone call to resolve a billing issue. The relief is almost immediate, and I’ve just used my resourcefulness to ensure that I do have all the money that I need. An artist’s income is extremely sporadic, and I enlist my creativity in managing what I have.

If I can’t do something right away, I make a note of when I can do it. Just putting it on a To Do list is taking action and the worry fades, because you know you will do the task at the appropriate time. Sometimes you just can’t do it yourself, you may not have the right skill set, so ask for help whenever you can. This allows someone to be of service to you, whether it is a friend helping out, or you hire a professional.

When you don’t know what to do about a given situation, then pretend that your best friend has your worry and has asked you for help. The answer may become clear. If it doesn’t, talk to your best friend, or a counselor, and if you have Reiki training, put that to the problem. Ultimately worries are just us thinking about our problems, problems are merely blocked or stuck energy. Get the energy moving again with action and your problems and worries will go away. Finish it off with gratitude that the Source has provided you with all you need to overcome obstacles, and just for today, do not worry.

5 thoughts on “Reiki Precept 1 – Do Not Worry”

  1. worrying used to be a big problem for me, but i found for me when I stay Present in the Now, there is no worry. worrying is being out in the future…worrying about this or that…when I stay grounded and present in the moment, it just isn’t there.

    I also think your being aware that it is an issue for you is Huge…

  2. Hello Beth!

    So sorry I have’nt been by in a while. I got a new computer and setting it up has been joyful, but consuming! My other one (9 years old) was getting ready to CRASH!%#$@#!$

    But anyway…..I LOVE this post! And thank you for the idea of imagining that a “friend” has the same worry….and what advice would I give them. That’s GREAT advice.

    Trust me….I KNOW the financial worry…BIG TIME. I went through this for YEARS.

    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned GRATITUDE. When I DID start vocusing on what I already had (and being grateful for it) the worry seemed to vanish…and the money was THERE.

    Thank you for reminding me of that!

    Hey….hows the new table? Enjoying it?

    It feels to me that you are growing and embracing this wonderful journey……Bless you!

    Stop by when you have time and visit my new posts. There’s a funny one on Reflexology and Rabbits!

    Be well,

  3. yes i was confused, too…that’s why I added the reiki4life at the end of mine…

    hope you are out enjoying a glorious thursday beth!!

    and yeah, that is awesome about the table ‘appearing’. i LOOOOVE when stuff like that happens…just like it was supposed to.

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