Yoga Journal – RMT Days 11 & 12

Yoga JournalIt’s been several years since I let my subscription to Yoga Journal expire. I think I was getting it for about two years or so, I’m not really sure what happened to my old issues. I think they might be in my studio somewhere. Until this Reiki business really takes off, we’re on a tight budget, but I managed to squeeze together the $15.95 to subscribe again. It’s a good investment as reading tends to hold my interest in any hobby or activity I’m interested in.

The first time I really did much Yoga, I was working full-time and going to school full-time. Over the past few years I wondered how I managed it, now I remember that I did keep up with exercising at least a few times a week, and that included Yoga. I’ve gone through other phases of consistent exercise since then, usually in an effort to lose some weight. What would happen is I’d plateau on the weight loss, and after a few weeks of no change on the scale I’d fall out of the habit. Silly I know, but a woman learns a few things the hard way on the path to being 41.  This time it can’t be temporary, it has to be a permanent lifestyle change.

This morning’s yoga session went slightly better than Sunday’s, and I have that relaxed warm feeling that yoga brings. I feel lighter and brighter than I did yesterday, when I slept in and skipped my aerobic exercise. For this phase of my fitness adventure, I’m concentrating on the holistic approach, so strong and flexible is more important to me than rapid weight loss. With the tools and inspiration of the Yoga Journal coming to my doorstep, plus’s incredibly informational website at my fingertips, I’ll have all the wisdom I need at my fingertips.

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