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Love Symbol Cup

Long before my first cup of coffee I was wide awake. The first time I looked at the clock it was Three A.M. My mind was playing tricks on me, trying to get me to feel anxious and worried and I tried reciting the precepts to myself to get back to sleep, but it just wasn’t working. When I saw the clock it turn to Four I knew it was time for me to get up and do something about it, so I did. I came down to the computer and created a new design for the Reiki Artist Store, and it’s all about the love baby. Nothing kills worry quite as effectively as 100 proof love. I have been re-reading Reiki – The Healing Touch by William Rand, which is the first and second degree manual that I will be using as I teach Reiki.

In it is a picture of the Shrine at San-mon Station honoring Sonten. There is a disk hanging above the altar which has the love symbol from Tendai and Kurama-Kokyo Buddhism which looks very similar to the mental/emotional symbol of Reiki II. This was my chance to share love with everyone through this symbol through my Reiki Artist Store! Working with this symbol took my mind off my worries, and gave me a feeling of accomplishment all before the sun began to rise.

It is now just after noon, and I’m feeling love and warmth in my hands as the Reiki flows through me. Life has it’s challenges and difficulties, but in learning to relax and release the things I can’t control, I have also learned to channel that nervous energy into the excitement of a new project or opportunity. Emotions come and go, but love simply IS. It flows through all acts of creativity and kindness. Reiki has been called the power of love, and I think that’s a great way to describe it.

These days the word Love rarely appears in so-called love songs anymore. It’s beauty has been forgotten by poets who seek the dark and the abstract instead. But love and kindness is necessary for human beings to live. Babies which aren’t held or touched wither away and die. Love is serious medicine, it creates life and causes it to continue. It inspires us to strive to new heights as we care for those we love. To be filled with love, to have love overflowing, is to be one with compassion. To be one with compassion is to be one with all others. To be one with all others is to be one with the Universe.

Love expands everything it touches, our hearts, our minds, and yes, even our bodies expand by creating new healthy cells as we are filled with love. As you can see, I dwell in a place of change, for where there was once worry there is now love. That is how the Mental/Emotional symbol works you see. It transforms all with the power of love.

2 thoughts on “From Buddhism With Love”

  1. Beth,

    As you may know there is a cosmic event which happens to most people at 3AM every day. They are pulled out of sleep at that time and wonder why, then do as you did or go back to sleep.

    Some theorize that the universal energy grabs us at that moment and we just don’t realize what is happening so we wake up. I don’t know, but when I do find myself waking at that time, I sit in meditation for a while before I pee and get some more water.

    Bright Blessings,

  2. Hi Susan,

    That’s the time of third watch, when the darkest time of the night is there. Sunlight gives off a great deal of energy during the day, and it fades away overnight. Maybe that’s when the starlight touches us, it can be a magical time. Thanks for bringing this up, it helps to realize that we are all connected through energy.

    Best Wishes,

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