Reiki I Workshop

We’ll I’ve got the next Reiki I Workshop scheduled for Sunday February 15th, and there’s room for a couple of more people if you’re interested. During this class the student will gain experience with four of the Elements of Reiki which are:

  • Gokai – Develop the spiritual and mental connection using gokai (five precepts).
  • Kokyû hô – Learn kokyû hô (breathing techniques) appropriate to this level to ground the student.
  • Tenohira –The physical practice of tenohira (palm-healing) on the self and others for the purpose of healing.
  • Reiju – Receive reiju (a blessing) from a teacher to develop the student’s energetic connection.

The Reiki I Shoden student will get his/her first experience with working with the system of Reiki. This is a two day workshop, with ample time for practice to gain a deep understanding of how this system works. Each student will both give and receive a full reiki treatment as part of the course. The focus is on personal development and spirituality, with an emphasis on the traditional Japanese teachings. My aim as your teacher is to connect all practitioners with Reiki’s true spiritual depth.

Click here to register for the Reiki I Workshop, or  click here for more about the benefits of Reiki I Shoden.

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