A Cat Named Merlin

Merlin the Cat Pictured here is Merlin. He is a cat I lived with for a while along with my sister and her partner, and right now he’s in the need of some healing energy. He’s about 16 and a half and today couldn’t stand up and can’t seem to take any food or water. His human mom stayed with him all day, and we’re very concerned for him. The Vet took some blood samples to test, but we won’t hear about the results for the next day or so. Right now it looks kind of serious. He has been gainfully employed for over five years as the Chief Incense Taster at Eye of Horus Metaphysical…well not at the store because that’s where the incense is. Please send some healing energy to Merlin and his family. Thanks!

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  1. (It’s Amanda from Roots That Heal btw if you don’t recognise my other blog)

    Keeping Merlin, your sister and you in my thoughts and sending lots of love and healing energy.

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