My New Facebook Fan Page

Reiki Artist Facebook Page

The lights are low, the candles lit, the incense is burning and the meditation music is playing. Clearly I should be meditating right now, but I was just too excited about my NEW facebook fan page for! Since I spend so much time on facebook, it only seemed natural that I should create a way to reach everyone out there who’s interested in the goings-on of the Reiki Artist Studio.

I really like it because people already know their way around facebook, and it’s just so easy to post events like upcoming classes and my availability for sessions. Not only that, it’s got the whole picture gallery thing so I will be able to share my designs as well as pictures of my Reiki Studio.

Oh yes, and there is a feed of this blog that goes directly onto the wall there, so everyone can listen to my ramblings.

Now the music, incense, and candles are starting to work their magic on me and I have to go meditate. I am content.

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