Good Morning


Our perception of our own reality is our choice. It is an outstandingly beautiful morning here in the Reiki Artist Studio, and it was actually warm enough to have my morning coffee out on the deck. As I look out over the yard, I dream about the beautiful garden that I want to create there. This year we will be concentrating on the front garden and getting that into shape. The back yard will be maintenance and cleanup for now.

The measuring has begun for the garden designs, and I am very excited to spend every waking moment on the weekends getting everything set up. Growing my Reiki Practice and teaching Reiki is my top priority. Yesterday’s anxiety about the pending layoff has been replaced with excitement about putting together a plan for the future.

The postcards that I designed to promote the Reiki Artist Store are on their way to me right now. I’ve decided what I really want out of life, and that’s to create a healing sanctuary out of my home. In the front there will be a rock garden, flower gardens, and a stone path leading up to a Zen arbor. Then in the back we will spruce up the fire-pit, and put in a labyrinth garden in the shade of the huge silver maple. Yes, it’s a big back yard with many different zones for my creative juices to flow in.

It’s all about healing and being what my spirit knows I can be. This is a Good Morning indeed!

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