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Goddess Crocus

A funny thing happened the other day at my day job. We all were invited into a town hall meeting which involved learning how the company was positioning itself for the future. Long story short, 100 people found out that by March 2010 we would all be out of a job. The consolidation and outsourcing of our current positions will help the company through these tough economic times. Management is out of luck too, and they got the news on April 1st.

So what’s a Reiki Artist to do? Why more Reiki of course! Friday I will definitely be stopping by Eye of Horus for the Reiki Clinic and getting some good juju there. One of the bolts holding together a leg on my Reiki table was stripped, but husband David swung by the hardware store and got me a new one that works perfectly. Now that I know my table isn’t going to collapse underneath anyone, including myself, I’m much more confident in using it more often.

I’m feeling a little weirded out over the whole situation, as I had Definite Plans about how the next few years were supposed to go. This didn’t involve job hunting at all. What it did involve was figuring out what I really want and taking action to get it. It’s so easy to keep on daydreaming, but the kick in the pants is what really gets you out the door and exploring the terrain and what it has to offer.

I got my pants kicked this week, now it’s just down to the business of immersing myself in my Reiki practice, for myself and others. Bonus! I get to road test how well it works during a layoff for stress reduction. But the crocus are blooming, and that’s a wonderful thing. So I thank the Great Mother for the beauty of Spring, and I work on the precept “Just for today, do not worry” and spend more time on the Reiki table and giving Reiki to others.

I may not know what the future will bring, but over the next many months I will work to bring Reiki to more people any way that I can.

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  1. Sending you blessings. I’m sure that the notice that your day job is ‘going away’ had to be a bit of a shock, possibly a disappointment.

    I would encourage to to simply trust. I know it’s easier said than done lol. As a holistic life coach and Reiki master, I spend much of my time working with clients to understand that we don’t need to know precisely where we are going or how we will get there. For instance, your last sentence is ‘…I will work to bring Reiki to more people any way that I can.’

    Please consider leaving the work part out. As I’m sure you well know, if you intend to have a thriving Reiki practice, knowing that it will serve others by offering love and energetic healing then you will. Allow yourself to feel the gratitude of that full calendar. The excitement of knowing your business is growing just the way you knew it would.

    Know that you are manifesting your perfect world, and that it is indeed unfolding in perfect order even now.

    Wishing you calm, peace and a steadily growing business.


  2. Thank you for stopping by, and for the pep talk! You’re right about the words, allow is much better than work. So my new and improved version is this:

    “Over the next several months I will open myself to Reiki and sharing Reiki with others more and more every day.”

    Getting in the flow is much better than trying to change the direction of the river with my bare hands!

  3. Just do it. I started when I was first learning Reiki, it was for me really. Now I’m really glad I did. Sometimes I’m more prolific than others, and that’s OK. Have fun exploring yourself and how you relate to your blog’s theme!

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