Open Heart, Open Mind

open heart reiki designsI hadn’t planned on doing another reiki design tonight (or two) but I did. It all started with a phone call to my sister, who knows me better than anybody. For some reason, I was feeling frustrated with the growth of my Reiki Artist Store, because I appear to be coasting at the moment. Last month was almost exactly the same as March of 2008 as far as total sales goes, which I should feel darned happy with when I really think about it. She suggested that I do a new design. Since I have no shortage of ideas in my head, I decided that she was right and that I should shake one loose.

I knew I wanted the Japanese kanji characters for Reiki against a heart background for my I Love Reiki section. While I was playing around with the shape of the heart, the kanji went over the edge and I liked what I saw. It OPENED THE HEART which is exactly what happens during the Reiki I class during the attunement process.  Letting go of my worries also makes my heart feel that much more open, as well as opening my mind to new possibilities.

Exploring the concept of the open heart put into mind the seven chakras and their colors…and so came a variation on the theme.Rainbow Heart Reiki Kanji This has been a lesson in blessings for me, and why I love reiki so much in the first place. I’ve been blogging about it for two years now, and one of my first designs I did for the Reiki Artist Store was the I Love Reiki design.

When I first opened my little store, I had no idea how much it would grow over the past year and a half it’s been going.  Or how much I would enjoy coming up with yet another design for Reiki enthusiasts out there. Heck, I had no idea how I was going to write about Reiki in the blog and keep it going. But I have managed to keep the blog up since March of 2007. Other blogs have come and gone, blogs that I loved to visit, and I’m still tip-tapping away at the keyboard.

Sometimes I run into people and I had no idea they’d read my blog. Keeping an open mind when it comes to the wide-reaching effects of Reiki is a very good idea. The path you think you are on often changes direction and takes you to incredible places. All from the comfort of a reiki table.

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  1. Yeah, I didn’t know I was so into hearts and love and stuff until I looked at my designs as a portfolio recently. Reiki energy is a manifestation of Love helping us live healthier, happier lives. I did the red one first and loved it, but then I had the idea to do the chakra rainbow one as well. Thanks for the kudos!

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