The Gift of Reiki

GiftSince I was a young child people always told me how gifted I was as an artist. Like most kids, I grew up drawing and painting. Unlike the other kids, I would spend hours on each drawing until I got it right. Learning to draw was a wonderful way to pass the time. I could explore all the things that I loved most like horses, hobbits and dragons.

There were times of extreme frustration as well, especially when I was learning how to paint. Whatever gift I had at drawing, painting was another story entirely. But with years of practice I got pretty good at it.

The traditional way of learning to work with healing energy involves years of practice as well. Whether it’s Tai Chi or Qigong, both involve lots of techniques and years of practice to master. The same is true of many other healing modalities, requiring specific expensive crystals, classes, and detailed procedures.

Reiki starts you out with a gift. In Reiki I, you learn the basics of Reiki in a one day workshop. The simple hand positions, the quieting of your mind, calming yourself with relaxing breathing…and the Reiju blessing increasing your capacity to channel the energy of love: Reiki. That’s the gift, and you can then do Reiki on yourself! So simple.

Unlike learning to paint, learning Reiki II and the symbols was fun and easy. When I was ready to learn the Master level, I took the Reiki ART class first. This one had more techniques, but again they were simple to remember and very useful. In fact, nothing about learning Reiki was frustrating for me at all!

With Reiki, everyone can be gifted.

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