Letting Go

Letting go of the past is more difficult than it looks. Now that I’ve had the day job for six months, the reality of my life is setting in. I’ve always been a visualizer, dreaming about the future. The thing is that I’ve had several disappointments in the past couple of years, and it makes me fearful of looking at the future. Maybe it’s time to just let it go and live in the present. This is also more difficult than it looks. So I let go…

Affirmation of Letting Go

I release all my doubts and my fears

There is no past

There is no future

There is only here and now

I am filled with joy here and now

I am living my life’s purpose here and now

I am loving my self and all others here and now

I am calm and contented

I am thankful for everything

I am Here…Now.

So now, I will repeat as needed until it sinks in and I am able to live in the here and now.

Peace Out!

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